Monday, March 9, 2009

GUI Poll

I've gotten a number of reports that the comment system for blogspot is a bit buggy sometimes. This isn't something I have direct control over, so if you have an account at or, go ahead and shoot me messages there; my nick on both sites is 'albinofrenchy'. Sorry for anyone who has had a hard time because of the website.

But the real reason I'm posting is because I'm putting polls up for user interface stuff. The first one is going to be for the d-pad, which alot of people want to be utilized but noone agrees on what it should do. Those three options aren't the only three I'll consider, if you have a better idea post it in the comments and I'll amend the poll. If you have good ideas about other buttons, give them to me too and if we have different opinions, I'll make another poll! 


  1. I have an idea for how you could make the viewing of PDF pages. You could have a similar function like the Zoom feature in the DS Opera Browser. The top screen would be the "Zoomed-in Part" of the page, and on the bottom screen, you would see the "Whole Page" with a "Zoom Box" that you would move around with the stylus. If there are links in the page (i.e. to jump to other pages) you could switch the viewing of the screens by pressing a button. Doing this would make the "Whole Page View" switch to the top screen and the "Zoomed-in Part" of the page would be on the bottom screen so that you could tap onto the link. After clicking a link, the screens would switch back.

  2. Can you use EZFlash 3in1+ fore use 16MB RAM more as NDS (4MB RAM) normal use (= 20MB RAM).

    The Modul only cost ~15-20 Euro