Thursday, March 5, 2009

Request for help

If any homebrewers out there know how to integrate the extra ram from Slot-2 devices easily into the memory manager the DS uses (newlib I believe), please drop me a line. Thanks!


  1. I do not know myself, but simonjhal as an EXRAM build quake1 and his quake2 needs EXRAM to run, checking its source might be a good idea... maybe...

  2. Good call! I'm looking into that option, and I know simonjhal is on gbadev; so I might hit him up for help. After I get the reader mode working, I'll go ahead and look deeper into this. Thanks for the link!

  3. While you guys are on the subject, I thought I'd pipe in with some tidbits that you may or may not have already found.

    The Quake DS port uses Lick's RAM unlocking API (well, all you have to do is look at the bottom of the quake page to see that...) which is located here:

    But the original download links are no longer available. Later in the topic, tepples states that the ram library is included in memtestARM which is here:

    I'm fairly certain that using that is easier than going through the Quake source...

    Sorry for lack of suggestions from me. I may have to wait 2+ weeks to get a new flashcart from dealextreme. Bah.

    Voted for d-pad panning btw.
    Maybe R+left and R+right can be used for 'previous' and 'next' pages, since it's an easy combination regardless of orientation (assuming the reader is not left handed)...

  4. Okay, I finally checked out v1.3 and it seems to be coming along quite nicely. The drawing the square for zoom is great improvement over the thing before. It seems the main things to work on now are navigation that satisfies more users and document compatibility especially with images. This is one of main features needed in a pdf reader, because honestly, if I wanted to read text I'd rip/export the text from a pdf and read it with something like moonshell.

  5. i had an idea..
    if the (mostly) 32mb of the slot-2 extensions aren't enough, maybe its possible to use something like a swapfile?
    dont know if this is doable or useful...

  6. Here it is something about ram unlocking on ds