Sunday, February 1, 2009

About me and the PDF for NDS project

I recently got a DS because I really wanted to do embedded programming (and my girlfriend wanted to play animal crossing, but whatev). I've also been looking at a number of different e-book solutions like the Kindle or the Sony Reader for a while and just wanted something like that to be able to take with me.

And I just assumed that the Nintendo DS had some software for PDF support. I was very wrong.

But that is okay! It makes a wonderful project to start off my development with!

So for the past week or so I've been toying around with it. I've run into alot of walls you'd expect to, but I can't believe how easy it is to cross compile things. I kind of want to do it on more things just because of how cool it is.

I created this blog to detail random things about this coding experiment and solicit feedback. If anyone wants to help develop, please leave a comment or something, I can use all the help!


  1. well, I'm really interested in your project and think that it rocks that someone tries to get it to work.

    If you need any tester, I'll be there.

    My e-mail:
    My MSN :

  2. hi!I´m ramon from spain.How are you?
    I´m tryin to read a document in pdf formant and
    I couldn´t.There is some capacity limit?
    Can you told to me some instructions to put on my nds?
    I have have archive nds on the root but I can´t
    read nothing.
    Thank you very much.I think that is a very good job and an excelent idea.And I am very intereted in it.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hey Ramon,

    Can you provide a link to the document? There is a pretty firm size limit given the limited RAM size of the DS. Also, if the document has large images, that would be a problem too.

    Setup should be as easy as putting the ands-pdf rom on your DS and putting a PDF on your DS. Your problem unfortunately is most likely that the document is too big. But give me a link and I'll confirm that for you :)

  4. thanks for your answer,I´m really very plasent.
    The link:

    I don´t know if you can work with this link.It´s my motorbike manual and I would like to have in my ds like a book to read in my free time.
    ThanK you.

    Pd: I have: ands-pdf rom and ands-pdf-src on my ds,and it runsperfectly but i can read the document.