Thursday, February 5, 2009

Source Code

Source code is now available:
  • Here is the source code for the NDS stuff proper - so far named ands-pdf.
  • Here is the modified source code for the fitz/mupdf package. This source is for embedded devices; go to the mupdf site for general use. 
  • Here are third party precompiled libraries and include files you'll need to link everything. Properly stated, these are the following libraries compiled for the arm-eabi target: libjpeg, libiberty, libxml2, libz, libfontconfig, libfreetype and libpdf (the mupdf library). Everything except the pdf library has been compiled without modification to source, and is provided more or less for convience. 
I'm looking into the different project hosting sites, but I've got other priorities right now so unless it becomes pressing, don't expect much movement on this front. If other people come on board, it will become a priority though, so anyone who wants to help please pitch in :)


  1. As I said in the other post, I can hook yu up with hosting because I am very interested in this project.

    I've never used a compiled language before (only interpreted, ala Python and PHP) so I'm having trouble compiling anything (other stuff too, not just ands-pdf). Could you write up a quick guide or something? =/

    Also, when I open the PNPROJ file there is nothing there. Just a blank workspace titled 'new'.

  2. Hey, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I didn't have email notification on comments :).

    I will write up a post about compiling the source. I'll check out the pnproj file when I get home; is there anything in the project explorer?

    Try opening one of the examples with devkitpro and compiling that first to make sure the setup is right. If you are having general problems, feel free to leave a post here, but also think about posting it to They are very helpful and know more about all this stuff than I do.

    Size isn't going to be an issue for long; I'm going to go ahead and put it up in google code soon. Thanks for the offer though! And if you want to contribute; I can do that sooner rather than later :)

  3. Sorry about that, false alarm. Turned out to be a incorrectly configured which a fresh installation of devkitpro fixed.

    I know another guy on the internet that goes by "JDB", but I don't think you're him. :P