Monday, February 23, 2009

Another release!

This release is coming much later than I wanted; but it has some very nice features. 

Here is the rom itself.
Here is the source.

First, on the PDF compatibility side, I've managed to solve the issue of non-embedded fonts not displaying. The program now uses a set of built-in fonts; so it might not always display exactly how the author wanted it to if the font is something obscure. Or dingbats, which I stripped out because it was simply too big to include.

Please please be sure to message me if PDF's don't work now, I have no test pdf's that break that don't have large images at this point.

On the features side, I've added a 'preview' button that displays a 'mini' view of the document. The button is the only filled in icon on the small status bar at the bottom; it looks like a bulls-eye. I'll change the icon later to something that makes sense.

If you just tap the mini-image, it will pan to put the point you clicked in the upper-left corner. 

If you draw a line with the stylus, it will adjust the zoom on the document to fill the screens with the size of the line you drew. Hopefully this is more intuitive in practice than it is in description. For instance, if you draw a line from the left to right of the document, it will zoom to fit the width of the document to the screen. If you draw a line from the top to the bottom of the document, it will zoom out to fit the height of the document to the screen. 

I'd really like comments on the GUI functionality. Does it do what you expect? Especially if it doesn't, tell me why and what you expect it to do. Ideally I'd have it so the user can not read any instructions and be up and running with this. 

I've also provided the ability to change files. This hasn't been extensively tested, and there may be memory leaks in it, so beware of that. If you hit 'start', it should pop up with the file browser.

Another new tool is the console, which you can layer over the screen with the 'Select' button. This should make the 'debug' builds not necessary so I will not release anymore of those. 

Lastly, rendering should be signifigantly quicker now. Still could be better, but for now it seems usable. 


  1. this pdf crash's with all kinds of errors on my DS ..

  2. Could you make also an version for those, who have the memory-extension? I think with the extension you could handle bigger pdfs and the programm wouldn't crash so often.

  3. I just downloaded the rom. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I have a suggestion:
    It would be cool if you could implement a search function to make navigating the document even easier... You may already have this feature, but as I said, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet and I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on this page.